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I felt "Agile is strong to change"

Last year, I was given training of Agile at San Francisco.
After that, I have been trying to use some method of scrum to small project that 1 or 2 people are assigned, for preparing big project it will start at April.

Last week, I progressed a project with my colleague.
This project was estimated it needs 2 month.
We devided this project to each 2 weeks sprint and this week was end of 1st sprint.

But suddenly, by some reason, both of us had been assinged to other project,
and it was decided other guys will progress this project.

The project was finished only quarter of whole.
If such things happend in past days, I couldn't take over remain tasks to other member easily.
Because it was middle of development, the program was incomplete and other guys would feel hard to read it.

But this time was difference.
Since we divided our project to each sprint, our project would be "completed" at the end of week.
It was not enough as service. But it was "perfect" as system.
So we could take over our code to other guys easily.

That time, I felt "Agile is strong to change".