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Developers Summit 2012 #devsumi Mr. Yusuke YAMAMOTO [7 secrets for Engineer to service in the future by difference] (【差別化で未来を生き抜くエンジニアの7つの秘訣】 山本 裕介 氏)

I attended Developers Summit for the first time.

Now, I wrote feedback of this session.

Yusuke YAMAMOTO [7 secrets for Engineer to service in the future by difference]   (【差別化で未来を生き抜くエンジニアの7つの秘訣】)

In this session, Mr. Yamamoto said "7 secrets".
I agreed especially these 3 secrets.

  • Transmission of Information
  • Open Contribution
  • Language

Actually, my basic attitude is "Transmit our information openly!".

Transmission of Information

Gathering Information is surely important.
But "Transmission of Information" make "Gathering Information"
because if we transmit something, the expert may find it and teach us more things.

Open Contribution

I think this is related to previous thing.
The more we contribute openly, the more we can make difference.
So, contributing to group is better than doing to only own project.
Doing to whole company is much better than them.
And, doing to whole country is better, and further more, whole world is the best.


For contribution all over the world, English as common language is so important.
Because of this reason, I'm trying to write this blog in English.

I have believed that Engineer's Growing need Output.
I could trust my opinion by this session.