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I could had session at RakutenTechnologyConference2012 #rakutentech

I got chance of giving speech titled "10% Rule - Challenge for Making Innovative Team -" at Rakuten Tecnology Conference 2012.

[Here is my slide deck]

It was first time for me having my session at such big conference.

I spoke in English!

It was so big challenge for me, and I could get big experience.
I appreciate everyone who gave me such chance.

So, I reviewed what I felt and wrote down them.

[I could make German laugh]
It was one of my success!

I used my picture which were taken at Oktober Fest, Tokyo for my introduction slide.
(Originaly, Oktober-Fest is a German festival.
 But recently, it takes place in Japan too)


When I showed the photo, a man suddenly laughed.
It seemed He was from Europe or North American continent.

So, I asked to attendee.
"Is anyone from Germany?"
Then, the man raised his hand.

I had never imagined that my photo given me a chance for making German laugh!

[About English]
There were both good things and bad things.
For me, it was not first time giving session in English.
But I had never given speach to attendees outside of my company.
Of course, they were not familiar with my company's internal situation.
I needed explain to such guys in English. It was big challenge for me.

Fortunately, attendee could make sense my presentation.
But, at question and answer time, I felt how my English was poor.
Actually, I couldn't hear someone's question.
I'm so sorry to those attendees.

I need to improve my hearing skill more and more.

[About Question & Answer]
Not only English, also my Q&A skill was not so good.
I sometimes spoke too much as answer.
It was not clear.

Because I want for attendee of my presentation to notice me at beer bash,
I made original T-shirt.


And actually, some guys called to me at beer bash.
Not only Japanese, also in English.
It's my success.

I've gotten grate experience by my presentation.

Thank you!